Global Coherence Pulse joins World Unity Week

Special GCPulse
WUW Opening Ceremony
June 18th - 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 7pm GMT

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Daily Coherence Pulses
7 Foundations of Life Themes
June 19-25 at 2pm PT, 5pm ET, 9pm GMT

WUW Evening Plenary Sessions follow the daily Pulses

The WUW Opening Ceremony launches DAY 1 of a shared intention of 99 Days of Peace Through Unity. Now is the time!

The Global Coherence Pulse is honored to add our energy into this collaborative initiative. Add Your Heart
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Daily Coherence Pulses

7 Foundations of LIFE Themes

Join us each day at 5pm ET as we connect with the Foundation of LIFE theme for the day and join in heart-centered resonance and coherence to pulse the field with the frequency of PEACE. 

Peace through Unity lives in the heart of our diversity

June 19-25 at 2pm PT, 5pm ET, 9pm GMT

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Daily Pulses co-hosted by Teresa Collins, Julie Krull, Gary Malkin, Dot Maver
"As we take the first steps of our 99 Day Journey of Peace through Unity, we begin by consciously restoring our sacred relationship with the Foundations of Life as we intentionally learn, practice and cultivate Peace through Unity within the intricate and exquisite diversity of the entire Web of Life." 
- from the 99 Day Essence doc - Dot Maver


Daily Coherence Pulses

7 Foundations of LIFE Themes

June 19-25 at 2pm PT, 5pm ET, 9pm GMT

Visit for a full schedule of offerings - June 18-25

Join the Islands of Coherence Member Community

A safe harbor where the cultivation of coherence is encouraged & empowered

Coherence is our birthright. Let's claim it together.

This initiative is being seeded by a group of aligned organizations.
We invite you to join with us.

Check out these aligned initiatives: Global Days of Unity and Coalition for Global Unity
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