Global Coherence Pulse

May 2022

Direct Connection with the Divine

with featured guest Sri Preethaji

Saturday, May 21st, 12pm PT. 3pm ET, 7pm GMT

Cultivating Coherence in Community

It's time to put this purpose first!

Join this 3-Month Virtual Retreat - May - July 2022

Are you ready to up-level the quality of your presence, the frequency of your awareness and the current of your contributions for the joy of the self, and the good of the whole?

Are you ready to jump start the rest of your life and BE a loving, resilient and generative presence on this planet?

If YES, then we whole-heartedly invite you to join us in this 3-month virtual Retreat experience co-hosted by Islands of Coherence Network, Good of the Whole, Global Coherence Pulse & Unify.

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Retreat begins May 9th

In this evolutionary moment, the most important catalyst of this shift is YOU!

Why Cultivate Coherence in Community

These videos were recorded live during our IOC Opening House Event
If you are looking for a nourishing and inspiring place to practice the power of heart-centered coherence in these times of great change, look no further. 

Join this 3-Month Virtual Retreat - May - July 2022

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Coherence is our birthright. Let's claim it together.

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