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February 2021 Pulse

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Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe

February 20th Show - Co-Hosted by Global Coherence Pulse

Awakening Our Vast Potential Together

Featuring: Gregg Braden • Dr. Theresa Bullard • Elijah Ray • Ixchel Love • Pete Longworth • Teresa Collins • Matia Washington • Cornflower • Jess Magic • Wendy Grace

How do we awaken our vast potential together?
That is the question we will explore and experience together during this week’s show. Each of the presenters and heartiest will add a layer to this shared inquiry and invite you to consider your own response as we share our love and thoughts throughout the evening. This is an unprecedented moment in human history, and what we feed the field matters.

SNA - Pre-Show

SNA - Full Show

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