Coherence Pulse Archive 2021

January 2021 Pulse

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What people are saying about this Pulse Session

I loved the Entropy States! –Barbara S.

Wondrous Ripple Effect of LOVE around the World. Oneness. <3 A Heartfelt Thank You!! <3. - Karina I.

Thank you Gavin very heartfelt meditation love your calm gently voice. – Miriam K.

Thank you so much, I see us together creating coherent frequencies radiating out into the world and soothing the pain, grief, extreme emotions that are both causing and caused by inner pain. Healing our world together. - Ayata A.

I was in a really bad state mentally last night and this morning. Thank you all for making me feel better <3. Kelly P.

That was so lovely thank you. What a strong and energetic pulse session. So much love. - Khadijih P.

It is so touching to see all the little pink dots on the map of the world pulsing together. Beautiful. – Anne-Marie G.