Coherence Pulse Archive 2021

May 2021

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Islands of Coherence

Saturday Night Alive
Theme: Becoming an Island of Coherence & Pulsing the Planet with Love

with Bruce Lipton, Kristin Hoffmann, Chris Decker , Claudia Welss, Manose Newa, Nikita Gearing, Gary Malkin, Jennifer Hill, Cornflower, Michael Lindfield, Danette Wolpert, Teresa Collins, Debra Guisti, Scott Catamas

Do you believe that small clusters of humanity living in coherence can help shift the tide from a current of fear to one of love?

If yes, then how can we individually and collectively engage and embody this capacity?

What we believe guides our attention and choices, our commitments and actions, and the quality of our presence and interactions. What we feed the field matters!

This week’s show was co-hosted by Global Coherence Pulse and the Islands of Coherence Network.

Coherence is our natural state
It’s time to claim it!

Islands of Coherence

A Heart-Centered Social Network

In the Islands of Coherence Network, love is our core principle, cultivating coherence is our core practice, and co-creating a thriving future for all is our shared purpose.

If you are choosing to lead with love through this challenging and potentiated time and know it takes a village to sustain that choice, then we invite you to join the Islands of Coherence Network.

Let love be our legacy!

Hosted by Live It Now Productions, in collaboration with Global Coherence Pulse