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Could communities around the world, synchronized in heart-centered coherence, help catalyze an evolutionary leap for humanity to vibrant health and wholeness with all beings, in which the love of power is eclipsed by the Power of Love

This is the purpose of the Global Coherence Pulse, a science-backed social collaboration to Pulse the Planet with the frequencies of love and compassion, joy and appreciation, being monitored by global instrumentation networks to help science tell the story of our interconnectedness and of the power of our Collective Heart.

Claudia Welss

Claudia Welss is cofounder of the Global Coherence Pulse and a pioneer in bridging practical consciousness research with social and technological innovations to accelerate the shift to regenerative cultures and humanity's next level of evolution.  She’s Chairman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), a scientific research organization and experiential discovery lab founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and Founding Chair of Invest in Yourself Working Group at NEXUS Global Summit and Network, bridging the critical relationship between personal and planetary regeneration for a community of thousands of Millennial philanthropists, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, activists and influencers. As a citizen scientist, impact investor and philanthropist herself, she advises and funds experimental ventures that have the potential to accelerate large-scale change and increase coherence across domains.

She's a founding steering committee member of the Global Coherence Initiative and recently joined the Board of Directors for Space for Humanity.  Her work has been cited and her articles/essays have appeared in numerous online media and print publications including the forthcoming Our Moment of Choice (Simon & Schuster, 2020).  She's also an executive producer of multimedia including the upcoming The Space Less Traveled (2021), and the Edgar Mitchell Virtual Reality Experience (July 2020).


Previously, Claudia was on the board for the Foundation for Conscious Evolution (where she met Teresa), and studied Conscious Evolution at Wisdom University (now Ubiquity University), where she and Teresa first collaborated on a learning program focused on the principles of coherence and resonance, and where Claudia first proposed a center for causal coherence.  

For seven years Claudia was director of the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business' Center for Executive Development, delivering strategic learning programs for global corporations while initiating university-based social responsibility and sustainability curriculum. This experience led her to explore consciousness as a more powerful source of leverage for world change. After Berkeley she pioneered the concept of “collaboration labs” by founding NextNow Collaboratory (NNC), once described by the director of MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence as a “new kind of collective intelligence.”  NNC co-produced the 5th International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE5) at UC Berkeley for which Claudia created the Digital Earth/Digital Mind initiative with Dr. Rollin McCraty — a forerunner of the Global Coherence Initiative.

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Teresa Collins

Teresa Collins is cofounder of the Global Coherence Pulse and brings over 20 years of innovation in online education, learning community development, and whole-system strategic design to the projects and communities she serves.

Some of the organizations she has served a leadership role in over the years include: Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Gene KeysWisdom UniversityThrive Movement, and Resonance Science Academy. She is currently adding her love and genius into the Global Coherence Pulse initiative.

She is dedicated to empowering learning communities of all sizes to thrive in these times. She is a natural leader and inspiring voice and guide in the rapidly growing field of transformational learning and community building.

Above all, Teresa is dedicated to her own growth and awakening. She knows that is not what she does in the world that is important, instead it is the quality of the presence she brings to her service that is her most valuable contribution.

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