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Love in Action

Coherence Pulse Guide: Sri Preethaji / Guest Heartist: Cornflower

Joy in Action

Coherence Pulse Guide: Jane Corbett/ Guest Heartist: Marya Stark

Gratitude in Action

Coherence Pulse Guide: Julie Krull/ Guest Heartist: Gary Malkin

Belonging in Action

Coherence Pulse Guide: Jude Currivan / Guest Heartist: Gary Malkin

Hope in Action

Coherence Pulse Guide: Michael Lindfield / Guest Heartist: Theo Grace / Entheo

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Islands of Coherence

Islands of Coherence

A Heart-Centered Social Network

In the Islands of Coherence Network, love is our core principle, cultivating coherence is our core practice, and co-creating a thriving future for all is our shared purpose.

If you are choosing to lead with love through this challenging and potentiated time and know it takes a village to sustain that choice, then we invite you to join the Islands of Coherence Network.

Let love be our legacy!

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