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Coherence Hotspot

Change Happens when we Connect

Through science, innate wisdom, community and consciousness, we can make a critical shift on this planet - one that empowers us to create a harmonious, coherence relationship with the natural world, with out inner selves, and with each other. Every week we are helping to lift global consciousness while we create personal and global planetary health.

This global platform is endorsed by the HeartMath® Institute.

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Coherence is the path to personal, social and global healing, and it starts with you!

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The world changes when we change. Through our online training, you will empower yourself, and therefore, help empower others, because change happens when we connect.

"Born from a deep passion for healing our planet, the global Coherence Hotspot network was established in 2018."

Personal Coherence

Heart coherence is key in building emotional, mental and physical resilience. Inner balance starts here.

Social Coherence

The effect of a coherent group is extremely powerful. This enables others around us to become coherent too. Photo: Bogotá.

Social Change

Creating collective coherence is a highly effective, and yet an undervalued way of creating social change.