Activating the Coherent Heart of Humanity

Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributing partners in the Global Coherence Pulse Initative.

​​​We're partnering with aligned organizations choosing to empower their communities by inviting them to increase heart coherence personally and collectively for the benefit of all life.

We are committed to co-creating mutually beneficial collaborative practices and cultivating synergy through aligning our individual efforts.

Become a Contributing Partner

Contributing Partner agrees to:

  • Share the goal of increasing global coherence and consciousness by pulsing the global field on a regular rhythm with heart-focused meditations that are capable of increasing participants’ HRV coherence.
  • Inform your followers/members of each month’s global pulse and include the logos of all the official collaborators.
  • Encourage use of the Global Coherence app so that we can track the number of participants and their general locations. Please encourage participants to check the “ allow use” of their data for research purposes. Their names will never be associated with the data and never shared with anyone else.
  • Collaborating organizations can ask to lead one of the global pulses that will be broadcast either via live stream on Awake TV or Zoom. The frequency of these will depend on the number of collaborating organizations. (Optional).