Science of Heart Coherence

Ilya Priogene demonstrated scientifically that when complex systems are far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence can shift the entire system to a higher order. This is one of the main scientific inspirations of the Global Coherence Pulse for Pulsing the Planet with heart coherence.

The Pulse is a free and open citizen-science initiative and social collaboration, representing a meta-network of aligned communities and organizations and backed by a scientific collaboration that includes a growing global network of sophisticated sensors and social metrics to demonstrate the “real-world” effects of our coherent pulses.

Collaboration with HeartMath Institute

HeartMath Institute’s Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) is another main source of scientific inspiration for the PULSE, which is built with the art and science of heart coherence at its core. HeartMath has conducted decades of scientific research demonstrating that the heart is the most powerful source of energetic coherence in the body, and that we can intentionally create this natural state of optimal wellbeing and performance in ourselves through heart-focused breathing and inviting sustained feelings of love, gratitude, compassion — any authentic, regenerative emotion.

Tracking and Feedback

Importantly, community use of GCI’s free social Global Coherence App and optional personal HRV sensor allows for tracking how our group coherence extends into the field by monitoring feedback changes in global networks of sensitive GCI magnetometers and Global Consciousness Project (GCP) 2.0’s Random Number and Quantum Noise Generators —a collaboration between GCI, GCP and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)— that correlate with our large-group pulses. New social metrics and a Global Tree Monitoring Network are also in development.

Join the Research

You can join the collaborative research study (in partnership with HeartMath Institute and (GCI) Global Coherence Initiative) by downloading the Global Coherence APP and getting an optional HRV sensor to measure your personal coherence.
Using these tools we can collect some real-time feedback on the size and location of our “coherent island” and the individual and collective coherence levels reached during our sessions and throughout the month.

The Global Coherence App is free to download in App Store and Play Store.

To purchase the optional Inner Balance Sensor visit: HeartMath Store
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