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 Summer Solstice - Global Coherence Pulse 

Sunday, June 21st at 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 7pm GMT

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Summer Solstice - Global Coherence Pulse
Theme: Celebrating Our Coherence
Sunday, June 21st at 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 7pm GMT

Enjoy uplifting music, coherence related content and a global coherence meditation in this 45-60min session.


Join thousands of people across the world who are adding coherent heart energy to lift global consciousness and cultivate personal and planetary health and wellbeing.

Featured Organization: Earthdance Global
Featured Musician: Miranda Macpherson 

This month's Pulse will serve as an opening for the Earthdance Co-Manifestival!

And featured on the Main Stage of World Unity Week -

This initiative is being seeded by a growing group of aligned organizations who are choosing to invite and empower the communities they serve to increase their individual and collective coherence for the benefit of all life. Learn More (

 Earthdance Co-Manifestival

Below are images and text for the promotion of the Earthdance Event that will follow this Month's Pulse
Note: There is only one registration link currently so registration for this event will not be tracked by partner. 

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Co-Manifest with Us!
Join #Earthdance Global as we co-manifest a new world together!
Sunday, June 21st at 12 pm to 9 - Pacific
Multi-stage, virtual event - Enjoy live music, dancing, presenters and more!

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The day opens with the Global Coherence Pulse (GCP) Meditation, followed by musical artists and presenters: 

Musical Artists: GAUDI, David Starfire, Ganga Giri, Indubious, Adham Shaikh and many more to be announced! Co-hosted by Maui’s own Marty Dread and his team of co-hosts.  Dance Party by DJ Feral

We will also be joining leading environmental, social, and health activists with panel discussions on Social and Environmental Justice, Transformative Culture, Personal and Planetary Wellness, Sound Healing Workshop; and the Deep Green Cannabis series.