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Global Coherence Day 

Saturday, August 1st 2020

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Global Coherence Day!
​Claiming, Cultivating & Celebrating our Coherence
Saturday, August 1st 2020

On Saturday, August 1st, we will join together as a global community and generate waves of heart-centered coherence and intentionally pulse the field throughout the day with our love, compassion, courage, gratitude and so much more.

To support this intention, we will host three 2-hour virtual Coherence Pulse Sessions -- a Morning Session from 10-12pm PT, an Afternoon Session from 2-4pm PT and a special evening “SOUL SALON” with music, dance, and sacred play from 6-8pm PT. Each session will include inspiring music, coherence related content and a synchronized global coherence meditation.

Featured presenters, organizations and heartists include: Nassim Haramein (Resonance Science Foundation), Rollin McCraty (HeartMath), Claudia Welss & Teresa Collins (Global Coherence Pulse), Unify, Coherence Hotspot, ARK Crystal, Jess Magic, Elijah Ray, Tru Osborne and more!

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