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The New Story

The stories we tell ourselves about what is possible impact how we see and relate to the world and ultimately the kind of world we choose to create. In the midst of rapid change and upheaval we simultaneously have an opportunity to bring about a powerful paradigm shift. One where we transform fear to love and open to our greatest potential and ability to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

A new ecosystem of conscious media creators & storytellers has catalyzed to answer this call and bring forth a new vision, solutions and positive narrative for humanity. We as storytellers have the power and agency to crowd-source the new story together and usher in a thriving new world.

We are excited to join with our partners Global Awakening Tracker, Global Coherence Pulse, Islands of Coherence, Heart Math, IONs and others on this mission together!

Global Awakening Tracker

All over the world in this very moment people are being activated to their greatest potential. Hundreds of millions in this new wave of humanity awakening are creating a global renaissance in their lives and in our world at large.  We are no longer the few. We are many and we are leading ourselves to the transformations and solutions the world needs most right now.

The data from the project, which tracks the social media footprints of 190 thought leaders (147 million and growing) is showing that the number of people interested in positive solutions for the world is indeed growing.  

Visit  http://noc.galacticage.org/

Global Coherence Pulse Tracking

Help us tell the New Story of coherence